Let’s talk about the weather …

I’m just going to have one quick whinge about the weather: it’s too hot!

Yes, I know, this is being ungrateful for some glorious sun and soaring temperatures. But I can’t help it, I’m just not a fan of high temperatures – at least, not here in the UK where they seem inseparable from suffocating, soaking humidity. I was quite happy in the Australian Outback where the temperature was much higher, but the air was bone dry; but here in the UK, anything over 80 degrees old money and I’m complaining.

Especially, I have to say, in the offices where I work. The particular part where my team is located gets the sun from early in the day till late, and we’re also the top floor under a flat roof which means that on days like this we cook. And of course, air conditioning isn’t the Green Thing these days, so there’s none of that – even if it does mean hat we’re struggling to keep going by mid-afternoon.

I’m just hoping that the promised overnight storms arrive and break the humid weather and leave us with something altogether more pleasant on Tuesday. And then I’ll find some other aspect of the UK’s climate to complain about …


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