We apologise for the mess …

Okay, so after about a month of having a blog again for the first time in years, I’ve been doing a bit of rethinking and restructuring.

The blog was basically full of motorsports posts. Which is no bad thing as far as I’m concerned, as it’s very much one of my current passions. And I’ve been quite amazed at how many people were accessing and reading them – last weekend, the two days of racing posts got about 40 visitors each day. That’s way more than I expected since this was always essentially just an online notebook for me to post the reports for sharing with friends.

So, thank you to anyone and everyone who has read the reports over the last few weeks.

I had to decide whether to keep those posts here and continue adding more, and set up a personal blog elsewhere; or whether this blog – and the URL andrewlewin.wordpress.com – was the better one for my personal blog, and instead move the motorsports ones elsewhere. I finally came down on the side of the latter approach, even though it might break some links to the existing material and confuse some folk; I’ve tried to do what I can to minimise this by posting redirect links for each and every existing race report.

So now, all the motorsports stuff can be found over in motorsportind.wordpress.com – there’s an RSS feed on the side of the page here to latest posts over there, so you can easily see when there’s new motorsports stuff. Hopefully that’s best of both worlds.

And that means I can focus on posting some “all about me” type posts here in this place. Which unfortunately means I have to think of something worth writing about here …



  1. Sebastian Crump

    Good decision – looking forward to it.

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