Sites to see: Own Your Failure / Government RSS / Twitter Search

I won’t post anything much at weekends – too busy on the motor sports front.

But here are three sites, two of which I’ve already linked via that I thought worth even more exposure:

Own Your Failure is a brilliant insta-response to a phrase used in Barack Obama’s Thursday night speech (“It’s time for [the Republicans] to own their failure. It’s time for us to change America.”) Simple posting page where you are invited to claim a failure all to yourself:

Own Your Failure site

Own Your Failure site

Also a very useful page from the InformationOverlord, grouping together all the UK Central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies that provide RSS feeds.

And if you’re finding Twitter difficult to use and navigate and wishing it had a decent search system – well, it does, over at It was originally a completely separate entity called Summarize, but Twitter have now taken it over – and why it’s not better signposted from Twitter I really don’t know, because it’s a marvel. It can do obvious searches (updated almost instantly when new tweets are made) on subjects such as Little Known Facts about Sarah Palin (the Republican VP running mate of John McCain), but the real power is that it can return a list of all the Tweets made to someone, so if someone you follow puts out a call about “which online shopping service do you use” and you want to find out all the responses, you can – by searching for “to:username“. It even does it best to figure out and show conversation threads.

Just what the Twitterer ordered.


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