Days and Knights in Kingston

Kingston film shoot

I’m pleased that I’m remembering to take my camera with me everywhere I go these days, because you never know what sights are going to pop up unexpectedly.

Walking down Clarence Street, the main shopping street in Kingston-upon-Thames, I found a large throng of people grouped outside the local branch of Getting closer, I found they were all watching a film crew at work.

I have no idea what they’re filming – an advert of some kind is my guess – but it involved a knight on a horse outside the electronics store. Bizarre.

My pictures were just quick snaps – it was crowded and I was in a hurry to get elsewhere. But I was pleased by the end results after a bit of cropping. This one is my favourite, for the bored look on the rider’s face (not to mention the fag, and for the fluke of him looking right at my camera) but also the spectacularly incongruous sight of the knight in armour reading the newspaper in the background. Oh, and I love the thoroughly disinterested woman in pink with the shopping trolley paying no attention to it all.

All three shots that I took can be found on Flickr if you want to see more.


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