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    1. Anon

      Re Consultation about helping those without access to internet or computers skills… “This publication is only available online – see below to download.” !!! Don’t they get a say?

    2. I’ll lend you my copy of GTD if you like? (But be warned, this is a bit like offering someone a toke on your crack pipe).

    3. andrewlewin

      I hadn’t noticed that the exclusion report was “only available online” till you pointed it out, Anon – but it was much commented on at today’s Public sector Online conference. Whoops!

      And thanks for the offer of the crack pipe, Neil. On balance though I think I’m sticking with the philosophy of “Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff)” – seems to work for me. Maybe not in time management, but it sure retains my sanity which is somewhat more important to me at the moment!

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