A weekend of iPhone apps

The Apple App Store is just ridiculously addictive. it’s impossible not to keep dipping in, trying out new apps, and they’re simply too easy to buy and try. All it needs is someone to point out a new app and it’s impossible not to wander over to the iTunes Store and “just try it out …”

Yesterday was a particularly bad day, as I finally weakened to the temptations of all those who recommend Tweetie as the best Twitter client for the iPhone. Twitter use was one of the major factors for my getting an iPhone in the first place, so as far as I’m concerned getting The Right Twitter App is pretty much job number one in iPhone upkeep, so even though it costs £1.79 I decided I had to try it, just to see what everyone else saw in it. And while it’s got some very useful features, to be honest I’m not exactly wowed and would still rate the free TwitterFon app as my preferred option.

Also yesterday, I decided to pay £1.19 for the Red Delicious iPhone App to make it easier to use all those del.icio.us links easier to access and use. Unfortunately it does nothing to make the creation of those links easier so I’ve had to resort to one of del.icio.us’ Javascript-powered bookmarklets to handle that side of things – not idea, but there’s a strange gap in the iPhone app market for something in this area.

And finally, I also added the WordPress iPhone app. I’ve put this off for a while as there’s supposed to be a new version (1.2) coming along soon which will add key features like comment moderation, but it doesn’t look imminent so I went with the free 1.1 app at last. It’s a bit basic and lacks a lot of features and functionality, and I can’t imagine myself writing blog posts of any length on it, but it’s useful to have installed all the same.

And that was just 24 hours hanging around in the iTunes App Store. And it doesn’t even include somehow managing to accidentally pick up DRM-free music tracks by They Might be Giants (“Birdhouse in your soul”) and Neil Diamond (“America”) at the same time, because if that got out then it would be positively embarrassing for me, wouldn’t it?


  1. I don’t know if you do much server administration, but the £6 or so it costs for FTP on the Go (http://www.ftponthego.com/) could be worth its weight in gold if you ever need to tweak a server without being near a PC with FTP access…

    I know what you mean about addictive 🙂

  2. Surely if your blog posts are going to be shorter this year then the WordPress app might force you to keep this promise!

  3. andrewlewin

    Wow, you guys are fast!

    There’s always another App-crack dealer round the corner with a tempting App suggestion, eh, Steph?! Happily I don’t have too much cause for on-the-go server fixes at the moment – but I do have TouchTerm, an SSH terminal emulator, which would do in a pinch for really critical logins on the go. But that looks a good one and if I ever need anything more I’d definitely look it out.

    I don’t think I’d even have the patience to tap out 3-4 paragraphs on the iPhone to be honest, Jeremy. It’s great for Twitter-length stuff, but for such microblogging we have … Well, Twitter of course!

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