NOT a New Year resolution

The only New Year resolution I have ever successfully kept to was about 15 years ago, when I resolved not to make any more New Year resolutions. I have no intention of breaking that solitary success this year, and so we’ll call this “a statement of intent with regard to blog editorial policy.” Okay?

I haven’t been posting here as much as I would like to. Part of the reason is that my blog entries tend to be on what can be politely described as the discursive side: and at that length, it takes a long time to gestate, formulate, and then write the edit the posts. I haven’t yet managed to write a blog post without getting interrupted at least a dozen times, and that means they always come out reading (to me, anyway) choppy and lacking flow.

Yes, I know Blaise Pascal apologised for the length of one of his letters by saying words to the effect of “I didn’t have time to make it shorter”, but simply assembling the sheer number of words in a more-or-less correct order takes a lot of time even before you start trimming.

So my “statement of intent with regard to blog editorial policy 2009” is to resolve – no, sorry, not ‘resolve’; pretend I just said ‘aim’ instead – to post more frequently but at shorter length. I’m hoping to go for about 2-3 pieces a week, but make them only 3-4 paragraphs or so in length. I suspect that any readers of this blog will be happy with that change too, as I’m sure that for anyone reading my lengthy essays lapses into a coma after the fifth paragraph in any case.

It’s actually a reason why I’ve been enjoying collecting more links of late and having them posted to this blog, since it gives me the opportunity to cover a large range of articles and topics out there with just a few lines/one paragraph of comment from me on top.

More posts equals more topics: and at this point I should also mention that I won’t be sticking just to technology, social media and government topics, but will have more film, TV, book and DVD posts as well. This blog has always been intended as an ongoing, evolving experiment for me (what would I write about? Would I keep it going?) and I find that talking about one narrow seam of interest is just a little limiting and uninspiring – so, let’s try something a little more varied for a while. Hopefully anyone here for the Web 2.0 material won’t mind the increased noise in the signal too much, and will at least be thankful that all my Formula 1 and autosport posts are quarantined over in my separate motorsportind blog. But if you do have suggestions for topics, or articles to point me toward, then

And with that, I should stop writing as I’m already exceeding that 3-4 paragraph target length for blog posts in 2009, and I don’t want to contravene my editorial “statement of intent” quite so early, now do I?


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