links for 21-25 January 2009

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    links for 2009-01-22

    • Nice piece applying classic political theorists of the past to 2.0, including the observation that Machiavelli would probably have advised his Prince against blogging (but would have told him to lurk and listen); John Stuart Mill would have wanted to see your qualifications before he read your comments; and Tom Paine would have wanted you to be elected before you had any influence…
      (tags: politics web 2.0)
    • How Twitter is not so much a threat to old media, but a key accessory doing wonders for driving traffic to news hub sites.
      (tags: twitter)
    • The US Federal government gets serious about the web, with this place for “thought leaders in the public, private and academic sectors”
      (tags: uspolitics)
    • Tom Peters (author of “Re-imagine!”) says, “If you think of it as a recession, you may be tempted to ‘hunker down’ and wait for the economy to cycle back” and do more harm to yourself and the economy.
    • If you listened carefully, you’ll have notice that the Presidential oath was incorrect on Tuesday (the chief justice said it wrong, twice, and Obama had to follow). Far from going “largely unnoticed at the time”, lots of (right wing) critics were claiming this invalidated Obama’s presidency. Daft, but they decided to run through it again just in case in private at the White House – which has apparently only ever happened twice before.

    links for 2009-01-21


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