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    • Why some paid content sites actually work, when so many do not.
    • Reader Notifier, discretely residing in your menubar, lets you know when Google Reader has found new items for you to read.
    • Why reading out URLs and not saying “as you can see on your screens” is not a case of “political correctness gone mad” but a genuine need not to cause offence to those with visual impairments.
    • The man who masterminded Obama’s online presidential campaign is opening up shop in the UK. what lessons transfer? We should be asking “what are they asking people to do? You could have asked for different things that would create a greater sense of engagement. None of this is a technology challenge; it’s an organisational challenge, being willing to communicate with people.”
    • Is MySpace no longer cool? Its numbers aren’t going up anything like the same rate as Facebook and twitter. But nonetheless it is, possibly uniquely, the only social networking site that actually makes money …
    • Apparently “a lack of face-to-face networking could alter the way genes work, upset immune responses, hormone levels, the function of arteries, and influence mental performance.”. This whole report sounds so far over the top and overstated that I mistrust it immediately – not to mention the basic misassumption that online social networking in someway leads to a lack of “real” face-to-face networking. Surely quite the reverse?

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