links for 2009-03-27

  • And producing an intolerant list like this is a way of getting off MY Twitter list! Seriously, if you’re going to suck the life out of something to this extent and leave precious little you allow others to do, then maybe social media’s not really your thing after all. [UPDATE: if you look at the comment to this blog post you’ll see I’ve been quite rightly taken to task for misinterpreting/misrepresenting what was intended as a lighthearted blog post. I had a sense of humour failure and this bookmark note comes across far harsher and more bad tempered than I ever intended, and no disrepsect was meant toward the original author. FWIW I only bookmarked this one because it happened to be particularly well-written, too!]
  • Directgov goes over to the dark side … (using the new IE ‘accelerator’ tools to pre-empt a user’s search terms and help them find what you are looking for more easily.
  • “Distorting condom science” sounds like it should be a GCSE strand … It shoudln’t be a surprise that the Pope doesn’t have a working knowledge of or appreciation of science. It is, after all, religion’s arch enemy.
  • It’s too easy to dismiss modern tests and dumbed-down and I take the “golden memories” of old people (including myself) with a pinch of salt – things were rarely so much better “back when I were a lad.” But the examples of GSCE questions cited here really are shockingly low-brow.
  • Michael Gove’s head explodes at the prospect of Twitter being taught in schools.
  • The police “suspect your neighbours” posters take paranoia to a whol new art form – and are right for spoofing. Although you suspect the police may take soom of these remixes as serious ideas for the next round of posters ….

  1. Meg

    Hello – just to clarify: the list of things about Twitter that I made, which you linked to above, isn’t about restricting people’s use of it, as I made clear in the post. I was just saying that there were some habits/behaviours that some people occasionally do on Twitter which get a bit annoying for me, personally, and I’d rather opt out from people who are doing that, however nice they are.

    Just as there are some people on Facebook who do a lot of quizzes, or people on Flickr who post a lot of HDR photos of graveyards or whatever. Not everything people do on or in social media sites is to everyone’s taste – the great thing about social media is that people find natural niches – groups of others who are also doing the things you do or liking the things you like.

    I absolutely believe that no-one needs to stop doing what they want to do, or using Twitter however they want to use it. But please understand if I choose to opt out of watching (or listening to) them do it.

  2. andrewlewin

    Many thanks for your comment, and for the follow up blog post going into further detail.

    I completely agree with your sentiment that everyone should be free to use Twitter as they wish; and of course that also includes the freedom to decide who to follow based on whatever criteria they wish to use.

    Sorry for taking your original post so grumpily; the bookmark comment was never intended as harshly as it clearly reads, I just didn’t put much thought into the text as I should have done.

    I’ve added a note to the blog post to correct the misinterpretation (although I’ve left the original comment intact – I don’t want it to appear that I’m trying to sanitise my mistakes!) and amended the link itself as well.

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