links for 13-22 May 2009

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    links for 2009-05-17

    • Brilliant raw data of rainfall acros the UK on a Google Map – no need to rely on weather middlemen any more!
    • Is the idea that the web is revolutionising our lives not only historically inaccurate and wrong – but also dangerous? This article may be arguing both ways – both that the web won’t change anything AND that it is a potentially demonic force, but it’s an interesting and thought-provoking piece.

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    links for 2009-05-14

    • Will the death of the daily newspaper—the main source of information for most educated people for at least the past century, the scourge of corrupt politicians, the conscience of nations—damage democracy?
    • Classified could be advertising prostitution; a new closely monitored “adult service” will be introduced. The perils of running a classified ads business in the 21st century – and Craigslist is now the biggest thing in the sector and needing to tackle these “growing pains” of being the market leader.
      (tags: craigslist)
    • Indispensible … but unsustainable.

    links for 2009-05-13


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