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  • Teens prefer updating their whereabouts or their status within the walled gardens and privacy of social networking services like Facebook. So FB's forthcoming changes to its status updates may have some unexpected consequences …
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  • Twitter's "suggested users" could be a serious cash commodity – the the users and to Twitter. But is that a good thing, or corrupting the system that's made twitter what it is?
    (tags: twitter)
  • Reading the runes of the very confused and disturbing state of the Iranian Elections. Twitter's been covering this from the start, but major news networks seem to have been very slow to even notice. Media 1.0 dying along with democracy in Iran?
    (tags: iran elections)

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  1. So many Twitter stories… I think it’s a fad, more of a fad than Facebook and I think you will be suprised by how quickly its popularity with wane once it has reached maximum saturation. Just a ‘web trend’.

  2. andrewlewin

    I wouldn’t be surprised either, to be honest. But then, a lot of people said exactly the same thing about the whole internet back in 1997/8 as well!

    And what does it matter if it IS a fad? Yes, something else may come along and replace it. Fine: new things rise and old things fall. But if we wait around for some sort of ‘proof’ that it’s not a fad then we miss out on anything good to be had out of it in the meantime. Where’s the harm in engaging and trying something out even if it is shortlived?

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