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  • The awesome Bonnie Greer on THAT Question Time. Scroll down for the really powerful testimony: "I chose to come here because I saw it as a country of decent, fair people. But also because this country gave my father, Ben Greer, who was a black sharecropper from Mississippi, his first decent experience of white people he'd ever had. He came here during the war, in a blacks-only unit as part of General Patton's army and was involved in the second wave of D-Day landings, and later he always spoke about how well the white working-class Brits had treated him, the very people who today are said to be turning to the BNP. My daddy always said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. So I decided to come for him, and also for my deceased white English mother-in-law, Joan Hutchins, who had never met a black person before she met me, and who welcomed me into her heart."
  • £181k spent on Defra’s website by changing it to maroon and pea green after research finds users think there is too much brown on it.
  • DECC's £6m Act on CO2 campaign, which features a father telling his daughter a scary bedtime story about climate change in which a cartoon dog drowns, is inappropriate for children because it is "upsetting and scaremongering".

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  • Tim Davies responds on the online engagement approach, saying that always focusing on the small number of active, enthusiastic people first is not necessarily the right way, and talking through the reasoning behind engagement strategiies
  • Why asking about digital access/Twitter take-up/internet refuseniks are the wrong questions about online engagement strategies.
  • There are widespread reports across the country that postmen are leaving ‘Sorry You Were Out’ cards unnecessarily: either the postmen are simply too lazy to carry parcels on their rounds, and, instead, come armed with a sheaf of ‘Sorry You Were Out’ cards; or there is an unofficial policy that if any delivery consists of more than three parcels per street or shift, a van has to be used instead of a postman with his trolley — presumably for reasons of health and safety; or trainee postmen are not allowed to deliver parcels, maybe because of problems with theft? The Daily Mail (I know …) investigates, and an interesting premise is littered with a lot of "presumably"s and "theoretically"s because that's easier than in-depth investigative journalism.

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