links for 2-13 November 2009

links for 2009-11-13

  • Recent findings of a Pew Internet study revealed, Twitter is being extensively used as a status update service to keep in touch. Youth (age 18 -44), social network users and users with access to mobile internet show early Twitter adoption symptoms.
  • As chief executive of the Central Office of Information, Mark Lund is using his 30 years of private sector experience to transform the communications agency of the UK government.
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links for 2009-11-03

  • How fears that the digital video recorder "threatens the very lifeblood of how television is funded" evaporated and turned out to be good for the industry, and how this isn't an isolated incident and happened with the VCR, the audio cassette, and even the turntable. Next up: music and movie file sharing: piracy or just the latest example?

links for 2009-11-02


  1. somebody on twitter worked it out last night that the three accounts cost the gov about a grand each. They tweet to about 9000 followers, who then retweet it to their followers. this works out at a few pence a message to a person, as opposed to a stamp, envelope, paper, ink and time. I would think it is a very cost effective way of communicating information and getting feedback. I wish I could find the relevant post but it has dropped off my timeline and I am not very good at sums… I am sure someone with a better brain than the telegraph could do the math.
    Its just showing the power of twitter, rational analysis and criticism of sloppy journos.

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