links for 18 November – 30 December 2009

links for 2009-12-30

  • "Something went wrong around the start of the 21st century. Individual creativity began to go out of fashion. Music became an endless rehashing of the past. Scientists were in danger of no longer understanding their own research. Indeed, not only was individual creativity old-fashioned but individuals themselves. The crowd was wise. Machines, specifically computers, were no longer tools to be used by human minds – they were better than humans…"

links for 2009-12-23

links for 2009-12-20

links for 2009-12-08

links for 2009-12-06

links for 2009-11-28

links for 2009-11-26

links for 2009-11-23

links for 2009-11-22

links for 2009-11-20

links for 2009-11-19

links for 2009-11-18


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