Taking The Short View

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself wanting to post quite a lot of very brief reviews of things, from books to films to TV programmes and pretty much everything else. But something has been putting me off doing them here, which is why I’ve just set up a new blog called Taking The Short View:

It’s not that such review pieces implicitly don’t belong here on this blog – I’ve done quick film and book review compilation posts before, and in the last week have blogged longer pieces on both vintage Avengers and the very modern Outcasts. So why the reticence in posing more and the sudden need for a new blog?

When I started this blog I really didn’t know what I wanted it to be about; and as time has gone on, I’ve actually really valued the completely eclectic mix of content that has evolved, and I rather like the fact that the next post can be about virtually anything and is unpredictable. Early on, when I saw that there were too many motorsports posts building up and taking over, I spun that content off into its own home. Now that I see I run the risk of short reviews easily outnumbering the rest of the content by 2:1, I think there’s a similar case for spinning the reviews off to their own home.

And partly it’s because my mental model for this blog is that while the content of this blog is diverse, all the pieces here hopefully share the fact that they are discussions of ideas at a fairly thought-through depth and at reasonable length – hence the Avengers post was about the evolution of the show and indeed of TV in that era, and the Outcasts post more about the difficulties in writing science fiction and in particular the problems British networks have with it. In other words – more in-depth and certainly longer than just a couple of paragraphs’ review of a specific episode in both cases.

In other words: I may still not be any closer to being able to tell you what this blog is for and about, but at least I’m getting better at identifying what it isn’t supposed to be about – and take appropriate action to rehouse the stray content to a more suitable venue.

If you’re interested in the reviews then I hope you’ll follow the new blog; I’ll mention and link to it from here from time to time to remind you, and there’s an RSS feed of latest posts in one of the side columns on this page so you can keep an eye on it for anything that interests you.


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