An illustrated break

Having written about being offline for a week, and saying that I didn’t really miss the social media side of Twitter, Facebook, email and the like, I’m now going to look as though I’m going back on those thoughts.

Kew Gardens - April 2011

After my internet connection was restored I had a terrific weekend – ironically by being out of the house and offline for most of it. But ironically, the Saturday outing was a direct result of having my internet back in the first place, as I was able to spy an invitation from my former COI colleague Sebastian Crump asking if anyone was interested in tagging along to Kew Gardens at the weekend. Already signed up was his lovely wife Jessica, and Ann Kempster of GCN who I know quite well from our online dialogues but had never had a chance to properly meet.

Kew Gardens - April 2011

Seb and Ann are keen photographers, and I like taking pictures as well although sometimes I get out of the habit and need to be nudged back into the groove. A visit to Kew Gardens was just such a nudge and I was keen to take advantage of it and try my hand at taking a whole load of photos.

Kew Gardens - April 2011

I’m very pleased with the results; they’re posted over at Flickr (more are being added as I get around to them) and a few of them are included in this post to whet your appetite and hopefully lure you over to check out more of them.

Kew Gardens - April 2011

Thanks to Seb for the invite, and to him and Ann for the inspiration – seeing them at work showed me true dedication to the photographic cause and got me working away as well, even I managed only half the haul that Ann did. And thanks also to Jess for being such great company, who indulged us and put up us clowning around with our cameras!

Kew Gardens - April 2011

Ann’s photos put mine to shame – check them out in her sets in her Flickr photostream – and I’m sure Seb’s will be too when he catches up, but he works on a 7-week turnaround time for new material!


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