Hi, I’m Andrew. It’s been a few years since I ran any sort of blog; back then I was one of a very few number of people who did, whereas these days I feel positively under-dressed without one. So, here I go again …

One of these days I’ll do a proper website, whenever I get the time. Until then, I’m making do with a fairly basic blog site from WordPress, nothing very exciting, although I’m enjoying using all the widgets to bring in content from far and wide.

This blog initially covered mainly motorsport events as a way of publicly posting some race reports I write for crash.net and other (private) forums on F1, IRL, NASCAR, GP2 and MotoGP. But I’ve decided that it would be cleaner to give those a blog of their own (check out motorsportind.wordpress.com) and to reclaim this space as a personal blog for and about me.

I also post about films, TV and DVDs (I’m basically addicted to all three). To stop reviews of things I watch from day to day cluttering up the place, I’ve decided to set up a companion blog called Taking The Short View for that sort of thing, which you can check out.

And there are also posts about technology related to my work (I’m a web technical specialist in accessibility, usability, IA, social media, Web 2.0 and online communities, and previously working for the Central Office of Information, a UK government agency.)

But please note my disclaimer – which basically says these are my thoughts and opinions, and not those of my former employers including COI.

And before you ask – I’m not the Andrew Lewin who stood as a Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Bishop’s Stortford in 2010 and subsequently switched to Labour; if he’s the person you’re looking for, try @Alewin7 on Twitter. Nothing at all against him (I’ve never met him, even though we went to the same university – York – albeit 20 years apart!) – just want to make it clear that I’m personally not politically affiliated to any party.


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